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In 1992, Tradesmen International provided Gross Plumbing, a Cleveland Area contractor, five journeyman plumbers. They were among our first clients and we’re proud of the fact that, 25 years later, they remain a valued client and friend of our company. We want to thank Gross Plumbing and all of our thousands of clients who have partnered with us throughout the years. Without your loyalty and confidence in our people, Tradesmen’s growth to nearly 150 locations across North America, would not have been achievable.

Safety, Productivity and Craftsmanship – central to our original goals established by our founder, Joseph O. Wesley – remain key building blocks for our company. Each, thoroughly covered in our employee training, are much more than idle words. They are a living aspect of our company culture being emphasized daily by our craftworkers, field office employees and corporate support personnel, whether on client job sites or from behind the desk.  

To all of our employees, we thank you for your commitment to these goals and for your outstanding efforts to ensure total client satisfaction. You are the clear reason we have sustained a leadership role in the construction industry as an employer as well as a provider of skilled trades and professional labor-oriented services to North America’s finest merit shop contractors. We are confident that, together, we will build upon our successes enabling Tradesmen International to proudly uphold this honored position for the next 25 years and beyond. Please Be Safe.

With a great deal of gratitude,

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer

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