Why Work with a Temporary Skilled Labor Agency?

When companies or contractors are in need of hiring a workforce without breaking the budget or hurting the bottom line, construction staffing agencies can be a great solution. The benefits of temporary skilled labor are many. Construction staffing agencies like Tradesmen International can give companies access to a talented pool of skilled labor and provide flexibility in the hiring process. But how do you know if temporary skilled labor staffing is the solution for you? Here are some pros and cons to using a temporary labor staffing agency.

Benefits of Temporary Skilled Labor Staffing

  1. Opportunities to assess workers in a low-pressure situation: Some construction companies choose to keep temporary workers on for full-time commitments after a placement. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate the worker in a realistic setting, without the commitment of full time employment. Companies may even choose to utilize the same temporary workers they have grown to know and like.
  1. Allows for a variable staffing model: Skilled labor is often one of the largest expenses a construction company has. When construction projects are fluctuating temporary skilled labor staffing agencies provide you with qualified workers without taking on the extra burden of adding full time employees. This helps you adjust more quickly to workload ebbs and flows and maintain flexible staffing.
  1. Frees your staff of labor relations duties: When using a labor staffing agency you gain more than a solid foundation of skilled employees. They will also have strategic labor relations strategies that can help reducing training costs, manage employee files, vacation, benefits and unemployment claims. Choosing to outsource your labor relations will also free your staff to focus on key operations to help you complete projects.
  1. Allows for targeting highly skilled or specialized workers{ Construction projects may require a different skill set than you were anticipating when you built your full time staff. An easy, safe and flexible way to seek out well-vetted skilled workers is by using a temporary labor staffing agency.

Minimal Risks with Temporary Skilled Labor Staffing

  1. Specific Worksite Training Requirements: No matter how skilled a laborer is, there is still a certain amount of time that must be put in to training them once they are placed at the job site. However, this training would be required for any employee, full-time or temporary. Also, if this worker is retained or brought back again, training needs are minimized.
  1. Morale Concerns: Any time you have temporary workers supplementing the work of a full-time staff you run the risk of a negative effect to employee morale. In contrast, temporary workers may not have positive feelings about doing the same work as employees without the benefits and stability.

Temporary skilled labor staffing can be a great way for construction companies to manage changing workloads, so it’s important to find a staffing agency you trust to meet your companies needs and be sure to treat your temporary workers with the same respect as full-time employees. If you’re looking to cut staffing costs while still working with highly trained professional workers, Tradesmen International has a solution for you.