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Running a successful construction company is a lot like working on a puzzle. You start with the edges, the framework, and then begin to plug in the various pieces that complete your work. However, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where a piece goes. Or worse, you can’t find that final piece. You can see the space you need to fill, but you aren’t sure how to proceed.

When leading a construction company, there are a lot more moving parts than in your standard puzzle. But you still need to start from the ground up and keep filling in the spaces until the job is done.

Here’s a list of the top tips to running a successful construction company:

Embrace Change

Construction is an evolving industry. It seems like nearly every day there are new elements to consider, new materials available and a shifting workforce. While it can seem easier to keep things as they always were, businesses must accept change in order to grow. As a leader, it’s your job to adapt and set the tone for the rest of your company.

Get Certified

A misconception in any industry is that once you get your initial certification, you’re all set. While nothing can replace experience in the construction industry, there are certifications that will benefit your business.

For instance, the push toward sustainability is a trend to follow. It’s becoming more prevalent in the real estate markets and there are expectations now for builders. Take the time to get training in sustainable building practices and then showcase your capabilities to clients. Separate yourself from the competition.

Organize for Success

The construction industry is falling behind other industries in terms of productivity. So while the industry might be booming with projects, your teams are not working as effectively and efficiently as they could be.

Experts claim one of the major productivity hurdles is the way a construction company is set up. A construction project has so many workers participating in their individual tasks. They are working in silos. There seems to be an aversion to collaboration inside the job and this practice needs to evolve.

One proven solutions is partnering with Tradesmen International. They work with you – by using your historical labor-related data – to run your business lean and mean when it comes to your full-time craftworkers. They stand prepared, with constant interaction with their clients, to deliver quality contract craftworkers to meet your workload demand. Essentially, Tradesmen helps you sustain a profitable balance of work to skilled workers which can substantially increase your overall workforce productivity and project profit margins.

Stay Up to Date

Technology is changing the way we build homes. Innovative home materials, technology and appliances are marketed directly to buyers. People want “smart” products, just like their mobile phones. This trend is entering their homes and business spaces as well. Consistently keep an eye on trending technology and how you can incorporate it into your projects.

Understand When You Are Liable

Understanding new technologies and gaining certifications will help you enhance your company. But don’t overlook basic business safeguards. Knowing when you assume the risk for any part of your project will always be of the utmost of importance. Don’t allow clients to take advantage of you by absorbing costs you’re not responsible to pay. But also know when you are in charge of payment.

Be Proactive with Safety Initiatives

There are different reactive and proactive steps a construction leader can take to achieve safety on their job site. By using basic data access and reporting techniques, companies can answer the ‘what happened’ and ‘where, when and how often?’ questions. These questions usually are answered using lagging indicators. However, most savvy safety professionals are trying to move their organizations toward more proactive measures.

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