How to Find a Qualified Skilled Labor Workforce

Skilled workers are in high demand in the construction staffing market. Shortages in skilled workers are expected to grow. The average age of skilled workers in America today is 55. As this baby boomer generation reaches retirement age and the entry rate of new skilled labor remains stagnant, the shortage in the skilled labor workforce will continue to grow.

Recent industry surveys claim that skilled labor jobs, such as welders and electricians, are the most difficult jobs to fill in North America. Many business owners in manufacturing struggle to find equipment operators. The electric utility industry is challenged to find linemen and other skilled workers. The list goes on. But as everything else in life, “one man’s misery is another man’s opportunity.” This shortage in skilled labor talent translates into big opportunities for skilled construction workers.

Today’s skilled workers are advanced professionals.

Skilled workers not only work with their hands to build, fix or install something, there is also a significant amount of brainpower required to do most jobs. Skilled workers must be computer literate, as many machines and equipment use computer programs to operate. You must have good math and reading skills in order to calculate, measure and read blueprints accurately. On the more exciting side, innovative advances in technology have enabled skilled workers to empower the use of robotics and lasers with their trade, changing how skilled workers did their job in the past.

Skilled workers and construction managers come together.

Construction managers are constantly looking for skilled labor professionals to add to their construction project team. Finding qualified skilled workers is clearly challenging. Many jobs remain vacant for weeks resulting in construction project delays. The amount of time it takes to screen candidates and check to make sure training and certifications are up-to date puts a tremendous strain on construction managers.

Plus, all of the paperwork involved with payroll and benefits slows down the hiring process, taking away precious building time. But thanks to construction staffing companies, like Tradesmen International, project managers have access to hundreds of qualified, pre-screened skilled workers, ready to start work the moment you call. Skilled workers can take advantage of opportunities by joining a construction staffing agency. Joining Tradesmen’s skilled labor workforce offers many advantages including:

  • Immediate work and consistent work
  • Competitive wages with comprehensive benefits
  • Vacation pay, 401K retirement matching
  • Professional growth development
  • Variety of construction projects with multiple contractors who focus on different work

There is no reason a shortage in skilled workers needs to delay construction projects. And there is no reason skilled laborers need to go through long unemployment periods. Construction staffing services – firms like Tradesmen International with tens of thousands of field-tested craftsmen in their database – are the solution to both of these problems. Call Tradesmen International to solve the problems of finding a qualified skilled labor workforce and high-paying skilled labor jobs.