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Leveraging Temporary Workers: Adding to Your Skilled Workforce

There are many scenarios that bring a company to call on a temporary labor staffing agency for hiring skilled workers. An overwhelming project, extremely busy season or an employee’s departure can push a construction company to find leased or contract employees quickly through a construction labor-focused agency. Important:  While contract craftworkers are temporary to you, these employees are permanent employees of companies such as Tradesmen International.  Incorporating contract or “temporary” labor with a specialized skills into your staffing strategy can save you the costs of hiring a full-time employee for a short period of time.

There are many other benefits to using temporary craftworkers. Up to 42 million people in the U.S. account for temporary labor. Filled with every kind of employee from construction workers to corporate executives, this employee pool has helped pull many companies through dire straits. The welfare of many important projects has been boosted with the arrival of temporary help. Additionally, many displaced workers have found refuge in the temporary labor industry.  Companies like Tradesmen International have dispelled the conception that temporary construction workers are less skilled by ensuring their employees are face-to-face interviewed, reference checked, skilled tested and so on.

Benefits of Using Temporary Labor Staffing Solutions

  1. Temporary labor allows you to have a “trial run” with specific employees. One of the biggest ways that companies lose money during the employment process is by hiring someone who is not a good fit. A skilled labor staffing agency minimizes this risk by allowing companies to comfortably evaluate workers for performance and fit before committing to leasing that employee.   
  2. Contract labor or temporary construction employees can bring specialized skills sets not regularly available in-house. Some projects may just not have the margin to allow for full-time employees of every skilled trade. Yet they need the expertise from tradesmen in these fields. It is logical to contract these specialized workers for short-term work.
  3. For the construction industry, temporary labor staffing agencies – with a focus on skilled construction labor — have access to the freshest pool of skilled workers. Since the economic downturn in 2008, Tradesmen has continued to add to its massive database of trained and job-ready skilled construction workers available to construction contractors and industrial contractors.
  4. By relying on leading construction staffing agencies like Tradesmen International, construction business HR professionals, project managers and other site management are able to streamline efforts to bring on qualified craftworkers for short- and long-term work. We use our resources to provide the best safety education and test for industry knowledge. As a result, you will have much more time to dedicate to managing building projects and rest assured that the hiring process is in good hands.
  5. Construction-focused temporary labor staffing agencies give construction companies solid trade professionals to support their permanent craftworkers.

Tradesmen International is leading provider of contract or temporary construction labor (construction workers and skilled laborers). With more than 150 locations across North America, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with variable skilled labor, construction staffing and custom labor staffing solutions that make sense for your company. In addition, we can help you manage all your human resources needs including payroll, benefits administration, risk management, and more. Temporary labor staffing with Tradesmen is cost-effective and efficient.

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