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Skilled Construction Staffing Is The Solution

Meet your construction staffing needs fast and save money with the services provided by a temporary skilled labor agency. Tradesmen International  offers short-term and long-term skilled construction labor providing the simple solution to all of your skilled construction labor needs. In addition to the time you’ll save, hiring temporary skilled staffing reduces payroll costs and construction labor turnover.

4 Advantages Of Working With Temporary Skilled Construction Workers

Working with a skilled staffing agency makes sense. The percentage of construction contractors that hire skilled craftworkers on a temporary basis continues to rise, for the simple reason that it saves companies money. Construction contractors have come to realize the benefits of partnering with labor staffing agencies because the need for traditional accounting, payroll, benefits and human resources departments is eliminated. You also save money on marketing because you don’t have to advertise and recruit for your open position.

  1. Employee Retention: Thousands of skilled labor construction workers are put to work each year working for construction staffing agencies. Statistics show that employees are less likely to call in sick or call off when their work is temporary. 
  2. Cost Reduction and Budget Savings: Using a skilled construction agency lowers your administrative and human resources costs:
    1. Skilled staffing agencies manage the entire employment process, relieving you of all the costs associated with recruiting and hiring for your open skilled workers positions.
    2. Other services like pre-employment drug screenings, background checks, and validating education, training and certifications, have you money and time in administrative costs.
    3. Staffing agencies take care of the expenses involved with processing payroll and benefits. With our skilled  construction workers, you won’t have to worry about new Obamacare requirements or paying benefits for full-time employees!
  3. Hiring Knowledge and Expertise: Temporary construction staffing agencies have the knowledge and expertise you can rely on to staff your next construction project. 
  4. Vast Database and Network Management: No need to advertise for open positions when you work with construction staffing agencies who have hundreds of skilled workers available. Whether you need seasonal skilled craftworkers or an entire team to work on a long-term construction project, we have thousands of tradesmen at our fingertips to choose from. 

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With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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