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How a Flexible Workforce Model Works

Contractors across the nation are looking to increase workforce productivity and greatly reduce labor-related costs. Tradesmen International’s proven CORE+Flex labor staffing strategy is specifically designed to help contractors balance work-to-worker ratios and increase profit margins immediately and over time. For Michael Gibson, business development manager at Ondra-Huyett Associates Inc., flex staffing has been a key component for his team’s success.

“As a construction labor management firm, Tradesmen International is a vital partner in our success by providing us with supplemental personnel on our projects,” said Gibson.

Tradesmen’s trained construction labor management representatives help contractors and business development managers like Gibson devise a flex staffing solution that promotes safety, quality and craftsmanship for as long as Gibson and his team require it. Gibson’s workforce strategy relies on his full-time A- and B-level workforce, which is directly supported by contingent skilled craftworkers from Tradesmen.

Gibson no longer uses his most profit-draining and least productive C-level workers on his full-time team. Instead, he leans on his vital partnership with Tradesmen and flexes in contingent skilled workers only as long as he can keep them working profitably. When he no longer needs them based on reduced workload, he sends them back to Tradesmen’s local office and relies on his full-time core workers to complete the project.

Flex Staffing Benefits for Construction Contractors

The CORE+Flex labor staffing approach, supported by contract skilled labor, creates a reduced core staff level, avoids costly spikes and dips, and saves thousands of dollars in labor-related and hiring and de-hiring costs. By adopting this approach, Gibson found a wide variety of benefits.

“[Tradesmen] helps us to reduce overhead costs, maintain schedules and profitability on our projects, and fully satisfy our client need—both from a quality and safety perspective,” said Gibson.

Gibson knows that he will always receive proven, safety-minded craftworkers because Tradesmen offers a 10-hour OSHA Construction Outreach Safety Training to their employees, as well as ongoing construction education and reliability assessments. Tradesmen also covers payroll, benefits, unemployment and workers’ compensation. This protects Gibson from expenditures he would normally pay on short-term, full-time workers and allows him to focus on running projects efficiently and safely.

Learn More About Flexible Construction Staffing for Your Workforce

Tradesmen International provides both large and small contractors with a proven CORE+Flex labor staffing strategy. It all starts with a no-cost labor productivity analysis. Contact us today to plan your flex staffing strategy by requesting a free consultation.

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With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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