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The United States is growing, both economically and physically. Cities are becoming larger and residential areas are building up. So, then, is the need for construction. In fact, GDM’s US construction market forecast for 2015 estimates that the market will be showing a 9.8% increase in the coming year. The specific cities that are growing the most will promise the biggest increase in construction work and construction staffing, thanks to the many facets of urban and suburban development.

Some of the top cities that are growing in the US include:

• Atlanta, Georgia
• Phoenix, Arizona
• Houston, Texas
• Austin, Texas
• Dallas, Texas
• Raleigh, North Carolina
• Denver, Colorado
• Salt Lake City, Utah

Some noticeable trends here include the growth of Southern areas and Western areas of the country. Texas cities are showing a particularly impressive rate of growth. The Texas cities on named above were the top 3 cities on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing cities, which included several other Texas cities.

Research shows that the West is following in South’s footsteps, too. It’s notable, though that even the Western cities of growth reside in more Southern areas of the country. Luckily, these areas are great for construction companies because they tend to have warmer, sunnier weather. Along with better weather comes more opportunities for construction.

What does this mean for construction companies?

Where there is development in one area—such as residential expansions—there tends to be a ripple effect into other areas, such as urban, retail, and healthcare, so expect a variety of construction possibilities in these cities. Other than an obvious expected increase in jobs, there will also likely be an increase in need for materials. This increased demand for construction materials will cause a positive ripple effect across other verticals, such as material suppliers and haulage companies.

Plus, this steady growth will provide job security and reliable income for construction workers. The growing cities themselves will benefit from the influx of talent and income from relocated construction craftworkers and companies. Finally, if you’re a construction company, expect an increase in potential work from these areas. This could require additional staffing to support your current craftworkers if you don’t have enough staff to complete the projects you’re hired for.

This could also require construction staffing that is willing to temporarily relocate to the jobsite. Hiring temp labor that live in these areas or are traveling craftworkers is a solution to this. If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of skilled labor staffing, find out about our staffing and consulting services now.

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