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How to Reduce Labor & Unemployment Costs with Skilled Contract Craftsmen

As economic conditions or fluctuating workloads force contractors to lay off a large portion of their workforce, their SUTA rates—the unemployment tax contributions paid for every employee on payroll—sky-rocket. Along with the SUTA rate, each state also sets a taxable...

What Are Contingent Workers?

Contingent workers are non-permanent workers that are brought in on an as-needed basis. For contractors, this means bringing on additional craftsmen to support the core team when workflow demands are high due to seasonality, short-turnaround projects, or other...

Employee Spotlight: Sabrina Griffith

Employee Spotlight - Sabrina Griffith Salem, Oregon Sabrina started her career with Tradesmen in 2016 as the Admin of the Salem, Oregon, office. She has an incredible relationship with both craft professionals and clients.  Her passion for the business is evident; so...

Why Is There a Shortage of Construction Workers?

Like other industries facing worker shortages, the construction industry continues to present challenges for contractors and hiring managers. Nearly 78 percent of construction firms say they are having a hard time filling both salaried and craft positions.* So, what...

How to Reduce Construction Costs With Labor Support

Finding qualified craftsmen to meet your fluctuating workload is one of your toughest challenges. Today, fewer individuals than ever are entering the construction industry, and many more are retiring or changing careers. The solution is Tradesmen International’s...