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Contractors today have a lot on their plate and are often responsible for managing multiple projects simultaneously. Unfortunately, staffing issues can create serious obstacles that slow down work, making it challenging for contractors to meet tight deadlines or take on new jobs. In a 2021 Workforce Survey Analysis, around 89 percent of respondents reported having difficulties finding skilled craft workers to fill key positions at their construction industry sites.

To confront this skilled labor shortfall, contractors should consider seeking the help of reliable construction staffing services that can provide qualified workers in a timely manner so work can proceed unimpeded. At Tradesmen International, we carefully select skilled craftworkers from various disciplines, including carpenters, plumbers, masons, and licensed electricians. So, you can get access to the talent you need when you need it. For a free consultation, contact our friendly team today.

Finding experienced craftworkers for your contracting company doesn’t need to be a source of stress. In fact, it’s fairly easy to resolve your labor problems with a little outside help from the right professionals. Read on to learn about six ways working with construction staffing agencies can help contractors overcome labor shortages while saving them time and money

1. Better Vetted Employees

Working as a contractor involves many moving parts, and there is rarely any spare time to develop a comprehensive screening process for new employees. Luckily, the proper construction staffing services can take care of this work for you by carefully vetting skilled workers before they show up on the work site. Here at Tradesmen International, we follow a stringent recruiting process to ensure every candidate has the skills and experience needed to perform construction jobs effectively. To be eligible for employment, each applicant must meet specific scorecard requirements that verify their abilities.

For contractors, this streamlined and consistent recruiting process ensures each worker is fully qualified to take on the work extended to them when they join your team. In effect, you’ll experience lower turnover rates and increase productivity, as only the best possible candidates fill essential roles in your company.

2. Expansive Recruitment

Taking care of all recruiting in-house isn’t always the best option for contractors. In some cases, budget constraints limit the time you can spend sourcing new employees. At other times, the geographic location of your company’s headquarters can make it challenging to find qualified construction workers. However, for the right professional construction staffing agencies, these issues don’t exist.

At Tradesmen International, our National Recruiting Center (NRC), Project Support Group and Satellite Hubs cover all time zones in the United States, providing contractors across the country with expeditious labor solutions. We maintain a staff of more than 200 full-time, local and centrally-based recruiters and trade specialists nationwide. This recruiting power helps ensure we won’t miss any quality recruitment opportunities when they arise.

3. More Proven Trade Professionals

All across America, contractors struggle to find enough experienced craftworkers for job sites, and many companies are forced to operate in a deficit. Data gathered from the Associated Builders and Contractors association suggests that an additional 650,000 workers will be needed in 2022 to accommodate the rising demand in the construction labor industry. This labor shortage shows no signs of going away in the near future.

Tradesmen International maintains a steady roster of qualified craftworkers able and willing to work whenever you need additional skilled labor. Our skilled workforce solutions provide cross-country coverage, ensuring you have ready access to hundreds of thousands of proven trade professionals no matter where the job takes you. This means you can feel confident about the experience and qualifications of all your employees regardless of the job’s scope, duration, or location.

4. Faster Craft Professionals On-Site

Between project deadlines, communicating with customers, and managing personnel across multiple job sites, there’s rarely any time to waste on frantically trying to fill positions within your company. With the help of a professional construction staffing agency, constantly worrying about recruitment can become a thing of the past.

When you need skilled craftworkers fast, contact Tradesmen International for immediate support. We have more than 500,000 employees in our database who possess the experience and certifications you need to get the job done right. Never mind spending endless hours in-house sifting through candidates only to find that they’re already employed elsewhere. We’ll take care of finding qualified craftworkers of any skill level to fill critical roles at your job sites quickly. So, you can focus your attention on more important matters.

5. Labor-Cost Containment Strategies

Contractors often have to contend with innumerable costs associated with sourcing labor, from training new hires to finding replacement candidates to fill vacated roles. Short-staffed construction companies also need to worry about overtime costs to compensate for the labor shortfall. These overworked employees are more likely to make mistakes on the job, potentially increasing the chances of an incident or injury bringing a work site to a screeching halt.

At Tradesmen International, our comprehensive strategies provide construction businesses with the tools to increase workforce productivity while mitigating the high costs of constantly hiring or replacing workers. In addition, contractors can minimize Workers’ Compensation risks and unemployment expenditures by using Tradesmen’s contingent employees. And, we’ll ensure your company has access to seasoned craftworkers who know how to meet the quality standards of your clients without delays or unmet deadline expectations. Our staffing solutions can also help control benefit expenditures that negatively impact your bottom line.

6. One-Stop Recruitment Shop

When you partner with a construction staffing agency, you’re effectively relegating the task of recruitment to professionals who understand the industry inside and out. Instead of creating “help wanted” ads across multiple job boards online, your construction staffing agency will serve as a one-stop shop for all your skilled labor and management support needs.

Our associates at Tradesmen International will take care of all the legwork. So, you can quickly bring on the right craftsworker for any job without all the extra headaches. Ask about our pre-vetted workers to bring the qualified candidates on board. With our help, contractors can stand to save an enormous amount of time, money, and energy on constantly seeking out workers to fill key roles.

Tradesmen International: The Top Construction Staffing Agency

There’s no need to continue devoting precious time and resources to constantly find new employees for your company. All too often, the costly task of recruiting workers in-house results in hurried hiring processes and oversights that can make it difficult to properly vet each candidate. This situation can lead to finding workers who lack the qualifications and experience needed for more skilled jobs that are the cornerstone of the contracting business.

For more than 30 years, Tradesmen International has remained an industry leader in construction staffing solutions. We strive to improve our clients’ productivity while simultaneously lowering costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, training, benefits, and turnover rates. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch services supported by our core values of safety, honesty, quality, and customer responsiveness. You can rely on Tradesmen International for expert support when you need skilled craftworkers to keep your worksites operating smoothly. To get started with creating a flexible staffing services plan, contact our team today, and our associates will walk you through the process every step of the way.

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