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The coronavirus pandemic has introduced new regulations and challenges that make managing your construction business workforce staffing more complex. As the economy continues to reopen, local contractors are again, like in previous market collapses, right sizing their workforce with contingent staffing. A pandemic plan built on flex staffing prepares businesses to capitalize on jobsite and project opportunities as this crisis ends and the economy rebounds.

Construction Staffing Solution in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Experts know the economic uncertainty surrounding the current crisis is leveling out much more quickly than the economic uncertainty that resulted from the Great Recession of 2009. As our current economy continues to ramp up, contractors are considering how to optimize their lean workforce.

Many contractors are struggling to identify the best possible staffing strategy for immediate and long-term success. Should they bring back the lower skilled employees they were forced to lay off? They must consider strategies to keep their A- and B-level craftworkers working cost-effectively—without bringing back their profit-draining C-level workers. The answer? Contingent staffing can support their best players as they scale their workforce.

To combat these and other staffing challenges, contractors are turning to Tradesmen for a pandemic plan that will help them survive and thrive.

Benefits of Scaling Your Construction Workforce

Contingent workforce staffing provides you with the flexibility and strategic insight you need to optimize your staff according to project demands. Trained labor staffing experts review your historical data, current staffing and project goals to craft a plan that will employ your best workers and improve the health of your business despite the economic conditions.

To ensure you receive the best available craftworkers, Tradesmen’s skilled contract labor professionals undergo a rigorous screening and on-boarding process. This not only confirms all craftworkers are safety-minded but also increases your project’s efficiency and productivity—which improves your bottom line.

Additionally, contractors who scale their workforce with flexible staffing benefit from reduced labor and unemployment costs. They no longer need to bring on short-term workers only to lay them off when workload slows, or projects end in just 1–6 weeks.

Tradesmen’s CORE+Flex staffing strategy is a flexible workforce model that enables contractors to mitigate labor-related costs by relying on temporary craft professionals who are employed full time by Tradesmen, and who receive all benefits, unemployment and workers’ compensation through our staffing agency.

Ask a Productivity Consultant About Flex Staffing

If you need assistance scaling? your workforce during this crisis, turn to Tradesmen International. Our experienced construction labor management consultants can help you devise a CORE+Flex skilled labor plan that uses contract labor professionals to supplement your core, full-time workforce on an as-needed basis. Request a free labor productivity analysis and consultation to start planning your flexible staffing strategy.

Devise a skilled staffing plan today

With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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